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My name is Luke Priebe. I came up with the idea for this project and designed this website, with my brother's technical assistance, while still a high school student at Von Steuben in Chicago. I am now a junior at Brown University concentrating (i.e., majoring) in applied math and computer science.

When I began this project in June 2010, I had had zero experience with website design. I have since learned a great deal handling occasional projects for small businesses. We hope to retrofit many of our improvements at some point in the future, which would allow volunteers without technical expertise to gather and update information, with limited mentor oversight. Contact us if you would like to pursue such an undertaking or manage it for your own student group.

You can contact us via the form to the left. Note that we have deleted our formerly-posted email addresses due to receiving 300 or more spam emails for each legitimate inquiry. This form will remain active, but be aware that the underlying email address may need to be changed again on occasion.